About us



My name is Mariusz Pionka and we are Pionka's Chocolate a small business which makes amazing artisan chocolate. 

We have been in Bristol and surrounding areas in Markets and pop up shops cheering people up with our chocolate and our passion for it, since 2016. 


In 2018 we opened our first shop at 190 Gloucester Road it is a shared project with local artist Diego Godoy, started Art and Chocolate. A year after, 1st of June 2019 we are opening Pionka's Chocolate in 192 Cheltenham Road adding coffee machine and barista Lisa Gonzalez on the task of crafting drinking chocolate recipes to match our delicious products, all made in house. 


We make our unique chocolate from bean to bar, using the traditional method by stone grinding sometimes called Mexican-style or chocolate “a la piedra” we used only two ingredients cocoa beans and cane sugar to make this truly amazing flavour with rustic texture. We also have a good selection of vegan chocolate.

Come by try the Pionka's Chocolate goodness for yourself.


Pionka’s Chocolate

192 Chletenham road, BS6 5RB. Bristol

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